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ACH Processing Equipment

MagTek keyboard wedge swipe reader - Use for Card Present Services

Mini, magstripe swipe card reader come in three different interfaces. Please select your interface of choice.

  • Powered by USB (No external power supply required)
  • Dual and Three track capability
  • Bi-directional read capability
  • Up to 1,000,000 passes
  • Includes USB interface Dual color LED

MagTek MiniMICR Check Reader - Use for Check Guarantee Services

Small footprint, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability

  • New USB 1.1 Interface
  • Small footprint, low cost check reader with high accuracy and dependability
  • Reads MICR characters on checks, deposit, withdrawal slips and other MICR encoded documents
  • Interfaces available include USB, RS-232 and PC Keyboard Wedge. Other interfaces available
  • Reads E13-B and CMC-7 MICR fonts

MagTek MICRImage Check Imager - Use for Electronic Check Coversion

Highly accurate and dependable check reading and imaging

  • Using patent-pending reading technology, ER allows for automated confirmation of MICR data.
  • When ER is enabled, MICRImage compares the results of multiple MICR reads, deeming the data accurate when all reads match, or reporting an error to the application when there is a mismatch.
  • ER provides the highest level of confidence in read reliability for electronic check transactions.

IntelliPin 3-track Magnetic stripe reader - Use for Debit Transactions

Simplify, protect and speed transactions that require PIN entry

  • Simplify, protect and speed transactions that require PIN entry 3-track magnetic stripe reader reads ISO-standard cards and AAMVA driver's licenses
  • Software drivers for Windows® 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP
  • Choose from USB, RS-232 or PC keyboard wedge interfaces
  • Secure and tamperproof; protects PIN encryption keys per ANSI 9.8
  • Graphics make swiping easy for consumers
  • Small and stylized; conserves premium counter space


The Pay-Me-Now Software Includes Free Tools to Process Credit Cards Through Your Website

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